Cross Creative Day 4

Got back on track with a big sugar and caffeine hit for breakfast, then on the bus for the day's first meeting out at San Leandro, Type A Machines. The only company on the trip who made a physical product, they talked about 3D printing and the current limitations and future applications, including medical which I find the most interesting aspect of tech nowadays.

Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid.

Type A are housed in a massive former warehouse called The Gate, which is gradually getting a makeover into a tech hub away from the insanity of San Francisco. We were invited for a quick lunch with the organisers and other businesses, all of who were exceptionally friendly and inspiring in their determination to create an unique environment in the Bay area.

Then we were whisked off to Fantasy Interactive, where the founder gave us a frank and enlightening talk about how the agency stays afloat in such a competitive environment. Unsurprisingly retention is a large problem but they have countered this by moving much of their development away from the west coast.

Lastly we visited the developer heaven that is GitHub. What to say? The premises are utterly unique, a blend of usefulness and ridiculousness designed to retain the best talent, a few of whom graciously showed us around, answered our questions, and chatted with us at the bar. Not a bad way to end.

The GitHub bar