Cross Creative Day 2

An early start turned into a rush over breakfast, but soon we were whisked away on our tourbus ... about 2 minute's walk around the corner to our first meeting, RocketSpace. We talked for an hour to the founder about how he set up the accelerator and why such ventures struggle in the UK.

Next it was on to Sysomos, a social media analytics company which bravely showed us a live demo of their Map platform; insane amounts of data.

We then drove to Wired, and with not long for lunch opted for a roadside burrito stall which in hindsight was a bad mistake. One rogue hair and several queasy stomachs later we were invited into Wired's brand new headquarters by Dylan, a friendly, laid-back ex-Vogue art director who looked like he just came offstage from a gig in the 70s. He gave us his insight into print media in the digital age and was simply a charming host.

Wired on Apple Watch event day

Thankfully we then had time for a coffee break before heading to Unity3D, where four of their top team spoke for an hour on their new engine, embedded analytics and predictions for VR. Lovely guys who couldn't have been more welcoming.

The bus dropped us off back at the Ferry building where I promptly succumbed to some kind of lurgy and the others had a few drinks before meeting Michael McGregor over dinner. I walked back to the hotel feeling generally terrible, making a dinner of a Walgreens muffin, half a smoothie and some Tylenol before passing out and waking up to be ill. An unglamorous end to a good day.